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Because of the 2011 theft of two of my valuable artist owned reference paintings, I regrettably announce that am currently unable to offer custom portraits at this time. I am truly sorry for this inconvenience.  I do hope to be getting my work returned to me soon so that I may continue to offer my portrait services.  Please check back often as I will be announcing the news just as soon as they are returned.   If you would like to learn more about this theft, please visit this page.

 If you are still interested in having a future work painted, I am still giving quotes and doing preliminary sketch work for the portrait you would like.  I would be more than happy to give you a free quote.  Please use the contact form below if you are interested, or view the question & answer section if you have a specific question that I may have already listed.
Thank you so much for your interest and for your understanding. 
____White Wolf



....."Within every work of art that I create, I strive to capture not only a realistic likeness, but the spirit & true essence of my subjects. This essence is not only unique, but is essential to the subjects character and the glow that surrounds them.  Just as a candle lights a room, so is the beauty of spirit,  illuminating the honor within."  ___White Wolf

Dear future clients,

"First of all I would like to introduce myself and thank you for taking the time to consider my artistic talents for your next portrait adventure.  My name is Juliebelle White Wolf Jaenisch and I live in beautiful rural Minnesota.  For all my artistic endeavors I simply go by the name, "White Wolf", which honors the part of my Native American Heritage which has come to be my greatest inspiration within my life, style of art ,and ultimately why I paint.


Speaking frankly and openly, I know that it is a very big deal to commission a portrait. Choosing the subject, how you want it to look, the cost, what type of feeling will be evoked from the completed piece, and most important.....choosing the artist.  Will the artist fulfill my needs or am I to get stuck with an overpriced piece of art that I am embarrassed to hang in my home?  It can be scary and costly if the artist is not up front with you, not to mention time consuming.  It is with great pleasure to offer my artistic talents to you today and to greatly ease your mind.


The way I handle creating your custom portrait is different than most artists.  I am quite laid back, my polices are relaxed, my prices are very reasonable, and I am very confident at what I do.  I do not tack on extra fee's,  and you are not obligated to purchase the completed painting. What I do offer is a incredible heirloom piece of art that you will be proud to hang in your home.  Within every work of art that I create, I strive to capture not only a realistic likeness, but the spirit & true essence of my subjects. This essence is not only unique, but is essential to the subjects character and the glow that surrounds them.  You can be assured that your portrait, (no matter what subject matter), is just as important to me as it is to you, and will be given the special attention that it deserves.  Each portrait that I create is an individual, unique and important,.........just like the people that I for."


Below you will find a list of questions that I am commonly asked by my clients.  It is helpful to know these answers when picking an artist for your special portrait and to know that you have made the right decision.  Thank you for your kind consideration."

 ____White Wolf

Portrait Example


"Wrangler of Hearts"

Unframed size - 16 x 23 1/4


Original Pastel

Portraits > Questions & Answers

Q?....Do you charge a down payment or charge to consider painting my portrait?
...."I do not charge to consider a job. The only time you will be asked for payment is when I have considered to paint the portrait and you have agreed. At this time you will be asked for a 50% down payment."


Q?....Is my down payment refundable?

"The down payment you provide me is not refundable, but you are also not obligated to purchase the completed portrait.  I have not ever had a client not want their new portrait."


Q?....How much will a commissioned portrait cost?
...."I really don't have any set price that I charge, and much depends on the size and detail of work for each individual portrait.  My portrait prices can range anywhere from $1500 to $10,000, again depending on the size and detail of work.  As example, a portrait much like the painting pictured above of the little cowboy I would charge $4500.  This price reflects an extreme amount of detail work/time it took me to paint it coupled with it's very large finished size.  In general most of my portrait jobs will run in that $1500 to $2500 range.  This portrait size after framing would be hung on a very large wall or large mantel piece, and would not be considered a common size for the average home.  Normally, the way I handle my portrait jobs and get a cost for my clients is I have them send me a photo/s of who they want painted and approximate size desired. After I get the photos, I go to work with my preliminary pre-painting work, throwing around ideas, sketches, and a general idea of how I would like the subject to be perceived. After I have an idea in my mind how the completed portrait will look, then I can give an exact cost for the work. I then contact the client and he/she lets me know yah or nay whether to began the portrait. If the answer is nay and does not fall within my clients budget, I always try and work with my clients for alternative pricing such as reducing the painting size etc. to make it affordable for them. For the most part, my pricing is much below what you would expect for the quality of art produced. You will be pleasantly surprised how affordable your custom portrait could be."

Q?....Do you need to meet your painting subjects?
...."I don't have to meet my painting subjects, but it is always nice if I can.  A persons personality, (or animals), is so unique from one another and meeting the subject always gives me a better understanding of their spirit & essence.  It is also fun for me to meet my subjects.  Some of the children & animals I paint are quite the characters and it is always delightful meeting them."


Q?....Do you have a set portrait size that you paint?
...."I don't have an absolute set size that I use to paint a portrait, but generally speaking you can expect a painting in the 20" x 16" landscape style or 16" x 20" if it turns out to be a portrait layout.  Much depends on the subject and the painting could be larger or slightly smaller depending on subject layout and design.  Either way you can be assured that your portrait will be a manageable size, yet is considered large.  A 16" x 20" portrait is a pretty big piece of art once matted & framed.  I of course always ask my clients what size would work best for them and in all cases try very hard to meet their needs.

Q?....You paint with pastels, isn't that colored chalk?
...."No quite the contrary.  Pastels are pure permanent pigments that are made into sticks, not colored chalk.  These pastels are the same high quality pigments used in professional artist oils, watercolors and acrylic paints.  Pastels will not crack, yellow or darken with age as some painting mediums do.  I choose pastels as my main portrait painting medium for their exceptional quality and the effect that is achieved in my portraits, it is spectacular!"


Q?....How will my portrait look?...... colors, full body, close-up etc?
...." Because each portrait subject is inherently different from another and my need for artistic expression, I normally choose the general portrait size, color & layout, (head, bust, full body, etc.), that I feel will best enhance the subject.  Limiting an artists interpretation or placing demands on an artist will result in a piece of art that does not reflect the artists unique style or spiritual expression of the subject.  I reserve the right to decline a work if such demands are made.  I do however ask the client what they would prefer and I will try very hard to fulfill their requests. It is important to understand that you are not only receiving a likeness of the subject, but that the completed portrait is a TRUE WORK OF ART.  This is why it is so important to choose the right artist for your special portrait.  There are several artists who can paint nice portraits, there are few artists who can capture the passion of the subject within their work." 

Q?....Do you paint from photographs or would I have to do a sitting?
...."Being that many of my clients want portraits of children, have time limitations or are out of the area, I paint strictly using photographs as my models. I ask my clients to send me their photo/s, (usually by e-mail seems to be the easiest for most folks), or if they don't have good photos to use they can come to my studio for a personal photo shoot. It makes no difference to me artistically whether I use your photo/s or mine, and there is no extra charge for your personal photo shoot."


Q?....I have a wonderful photo that would be a great model for my portrait, but there is a scar on my face that I wouldn't want in my portrait, can you take it out?
...."Yes, absolutely.  Leaving out scars or blemishes is very common for me to do within the portrait and I will do so upon your request.  Especially with children, bumps & dings are common in their photographs but are not necessarily desirable in a portrait.  Sometimes a photo would be 'the perfect photo' if not for that pimple you had the day the picture was taken.  While painting my subjects I always stay in communication with my clients and ask if they want things left out if I see something that looks out of place."


Q?....I have a great photo that is a black & white.  Could you paint a portrait from it only make it in color?
...."Yes, I commonly paint from black & white photos, yet the final portrait is in full color.  A good example of this transition is the painting I named 'Tough Guy', the little cowboy fella with the tilted hat and bright blue & white flannel shirt.  This photo was actually a black & white and I had no idea what color the shirt really was.  I used my artist license to portray this little fella in the best colors to enhance the mood of his character, knowing that he was quite a snappy dresser for such a young cowboy.  The result was striking, and even more projected the spirit of this child."

Q?....How long would it take for you to paint my portrait?
...."If after I have completed the pre-painting work, generally speaking, a portrait takes anywhere from 1 to 3 months to complete."

Q?....Do you paint nude or semi nude portraits?
...."Yes I do paint semi nude & nude portraits. Nude portraits can be a beautiful expression of fine art & human form, but they of course have to be in good taste. I will absolutely not consider a portrait job that involves an erotic or pornographic subject matter, especially where children are involved. If you are interested in a tasteful fine art nude, you must send me the photos of the subject. I am not interested in photographing nudes in my studio. I reserve the right to decline a portrait commission if I do not feel the subject is in good taste."

Q?....Do you paint multiple subject portraits and can I have an animal in the portrait with me?
...."Yes and yes. Family or multiple child portraits are always welcome, including your other family members, (woof, meow, whinny, moo, chirp), or any creature you can imagine. If I haven't painted it before........I will learn. I am quite confident in my abilities. 

Q?....Why is it more expensive to have a multiple subject portrait as apposed to just a single person or animal?
...."Generally speaking, the more you add, the more the cost is going to be. Much work goes into each individual subject, more complicated, and more time to complete. What I usually tell my clients is "get what you want". A portrait isn't something that will likely be replaced in a few years, so if your dreaming about having your portrait with your puppy or kitty.........go for it. The difference in price can be afforded......just like other aspects in your life that are important to you."

Q?....Do I have to sign any type of binding contract?
...."Yes and no. Yes I do provide you with a contract before starting the portrait, and no it is not binding. My commissioned contracts are set up so that we both know that we are both serious about this portrait, and to provide me with the necessary information I need to complete the painting.  I am a big one for communication and this contract takes away all the gray area's so there is no surprises for either of us. Again, (contract or no contract), I do not charge to consider a job. The only time you will be asked for payment is when I have considered to paint the portrait and you have agreed. At this time you will be asked for a 50% down payment.  If for any reason you decide not to purchase the portrait, you would loose your down payment, but you are under no obligation to buy my completed work what-so-ever."

Q?....Is there any tips you can give me for what would be the best photos to use for my portrait?
...."In general, I can paint a portrait from most any photo, (even damaged ones). Occasionally some photos are too small, dark, or blurred for me to use as models, but I can usually tell you that at first glance. Here are a few tips that you can follow for best results":

• If sending your photo/s by reg. mail, the larger photo/s the better, but make sure they are no bigger than 8 X 10. My scanner does not handle any larger image. What I do is scan the photo, then print out my own photo to work from as I do not want to risk damaging your original photograph.

• If sending your photo/s by email mail and they happen to be digital photos, don't reduce the size from your camera at all. 8 X 10 or even bigger work much better for me as I can get more detail into the portrait on a large image. As a matter of fact, I prefer working from digital photos for that reason.

• Although I have done many portraits from photo's that were professional 'sitting type' shots, candid or home grown pictures are sometimes the best representation of the subject and produce the most interesting paintings.

• Make sure the pictures you send are as sharp/clear as possible. The clearer the photo/s are, the more success I will have with determining if it's 'paintable' and more detailed the final portrait will be.

• Although not an absolute necessity, try to choose photo's that possess contrast within the subject. Photos with deep shadows and a strong light source are always welcomed.

Q?....Will I get my photos back?
...."I will take very good care of your original photos and get them back to you when the painting is complete."

Q?....Does my new portrait come framed?
...."No not normally. Framing materials and matting choices are very personal choices and need to be chosen by the client in accordance with the room where the art is going to hang. I can however recommend several excellent galleries in our area that are reasonably priced."

Q?....Do you take monthly payments for your portraits?
...."Yes I do, and it is absolutely no problem for my to do so. I will work with you to make your special portrait possible and affordable.  Many of my clients set up payment plans, and of course I do not charge interest or fees to do this."

Q?....I am interested in having you paint a portrait for me, but will you show the painting on your website, in an art show, and would my name be kept private?
...."As with any art or artist's work, ownership of the image, or painted copyright material always remains with the artist for the life of that particular work of art. I am not in the habit however of displaying my clients portraits or images ANYWHERE I want, nor divulging there name to ANYONE, unless my client is in agreement. I have huge issues with a persons privacy and protecting it. Your privacy is just as important to me as your painting. Occasionally my portraits are so spectacular that I do ask my clients if they would enjoy the honor of having their portrait displayed at a quality art show, but again...I would only display the work WITH client permission. In all cases however, I never divulge my clients identity or geographic location."

Q?....When can you start my portrait, and is there a waiting list?

...."Well, sometimes right away, sometimes a wait. My painting jobs generally don't come in all at once, so if there is a wait, it usually isn't long. I base my work on a first come first serve basis and of course I work harder and faster if my clients has a deadline to meet if they are using the portrait as a gift or for a special occasion. After I have done the preliminary work on your portrait, I pretty much know about how long it will take and when you can expect it by."

Q?....I don't live in your area, how can I see the completed painting to know whether I'm satisfied or not before I pay you?
...."Upon completion of your fine art portrait I will make available a private portrait viewing page within my website located here at my White Wolf Creations website with a contact URL link to view the private page.  Your portrait will be displayed in large format with details of size and dimensions. Once there you can take your time and look over the portrait to your complete satisfaction.  If satisfied you can then choose your payment options, also located on the page.  This portrait viewing page will be a private viewing for your eyes only or for anyone you choose to view it.  It will not be for public viewing at any time."

...."Well, that's about it as far as the main questions you were probably asking yourself.  If you have any more questions, please feel free to email  me using the form below.  I would be more than happy to take a look at your special portrait project and create a lifetime piece of heirloom art for you."


Brightest Blessings,

____White Wolf


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