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White Wolf Creations and the artist White Wolf are proud to announce the 03-27-2012 release of the Big Bus Dream Band's newest album CD entitled "Big Dream Baby" on Wampus Records!
"It is a great pleasure to announce to the public that one of my artist owned portraits, 'Blue Bell', was chosen for the album cover of this incredible band.  When I was first approached by the founding member of the Big Bus Dream Band, Mike Shannon, he expressed to me that he had been searching for a very long time for art work for his album cover that would express the old fashioned innocence of what his album was all about.  It was a great honor to me as a visual artist, as well as my own musical endeavors, to have this original portrait painting of 'Blue Bell' chosen to represent the visual image of their work.


History of this particular portrait painting that was chosen also reflects the old fashioned innocence that I was trying to achieve within this painting.  The model for this portrait was actually my own family member, Kaliya> who's parents grew up with a strong influence of rock music in an era where Shannon's passion and musical style is created from.  Not quite the baby boomer era, but an honest musical passion within my entire family for our own style & lyrics in a sometimes considered unconventional venue.  Other similarities within Shannon's music history and my own beliefs reflect our family's passions for not only the music, poetry, but through my fine art as well, climbing the steps without fear of failure.  When I first considered the painting of 'Blue Bell I was drawn to the use of very unconventional colors for the subject.  I pretty much strictly used what I would consider odd hues of purples & blues, which I have never done on a portrait before or have ever seen in other artist's portrait works.  Baby Kaliya, the model for this work was actually wearing a pink hat and a white shirt, which is quite different from the paint colors I used.  It seemed wrong at the time yet very right if that makes any sense, but I never would have known its success or failure if I hadn't tried.

I welcome all of my clients, family, friends or first time visitors to my website to check out this very talented rock band.  You can visit the bands website at this link or jump right to their iTunes page to check out their album for curiosity or downloads.  You can also hear clips of their two previous albums (*Big Bus Dream & *The Jesters Of Xmas Town), also available on iTunes.  Either way, you'll be glad you did!


If any of you folks out their are also interested in purchasing a fine art print of this album cover image of 'Blue Bell', feel free to follow this link to my online publisher Fine Art America. They have many options of print sizes offered with very reasonable prices.


To help promote this 5-star band, I will also be offering my clients the option of the actual CD image of the Big Bus Dream Band's titled CD "Big Dream Baby" in a larger format giclee print for all you music buffs or collectors of this bands work.  You can even have it framed if you want.  Follow this link to purchase the actual CD cover image.  Once there, simply click on the "Big Dream Baby" image.  The album cover image should be available on or before the albums release date of 03/27/2012.


Thank you Shannon and thanks to all of you who have taken the time to check out 'Big Dream Baby'.  Just like life itself, an incredible journey!"


_____White Wolf




What Is A Big Bus Dream...
Everybody wants to be on the Big Bus. Everyone has a Big Dream...well, most everyone. Some don't know a Bus from an SUV. Big Bus Dream music is not for everyone. This music is not for the deaf of heart. The group's message it is for those of you who persevere, forever climbing the steps up the Big Bus - undeterred because you would rather fail at something great than succeed at nothing. It is for day dreamers who plan to leave a piece of themselves behind for others to ponder over down the road. This Bus is about inner drive in spite of... (You can fill in your struggle here). This message and music is resonating with most listeners - we hope you are or will be one of them. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
Big Bus Dream, like 4th Ward before, has always been about the distinctiveness of the song, the arrangement, the colors. Adds founding member, Mike Shannon, "I've been told by fans that when they hear my tunes they immediately know it's me...that's what original music should be about...originality" "The sound is original without being trendy", writes Creative Loafing. Music Dish/Muses Muse adds, "Big Bus Dream is a thinker’s vacation."
Mike Shannon - songwriter, vocals, guitars, keys and programming - is a product of CBGB's post-punk scene; Shannon founded 4th Ward in 2000 and Big Bus Dream in 2006. After being out of the music business for 9 years, 4th ward's self-titled release debuted #20 on the National CMJ Top 200 charts. Celebrity Cafe awarded the release, "Album of the day!” The group spent 4 years playing the circuit opening for the likes of Angie Aparo and Hootie and The Blowfish before regrouping as Big Bus Dream.
Chick Tsikouras climbed on board soon after the initial 4th Ward release. Along with contributing his songwriting abilities, his diverse guitar styling - ranging from stints with Pat Metheny and the Mamas and Papas - has helped fuel follow up releases.
Big Bus Dream's 2006 self-titled debut earned Editor's Pick by CD Baby and 8 of 10 stars by Americana UK, as well as topping the main European music site charts. Several tracks found there way onto MTV's Pimp My Ride as well as film (MY life as Abraham Lincoln) and TV (WBTV documentaries). The Jesters of Xmas Town (2008) continued the band's songwriting and recording success: Absolute Power Pop wrote, "This is one bus you'll want to catch." The Charlotte Observer added, "nearly perfect, 3.5 out of 4 stars." Octavematch.com observed, "Shannon's a dead ringer for Mr. E (Eels) himself..."
Big Dream Baby...
The upcoming January 2012 Wampus Records release, Big Dream Baby, continues this trend of interesting and unconventional musical stories. Mark Doyon, head of Wampus Records, adds, "On one hand it's this straightforward rock record - unusual today - but on the other it's this fun house full of colorful surprises."






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