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Artist Needs Help-Fine Art Originals Stolen




Although it seems almost unbelievable and frankly utterly ridiculous that I would even have to build a page asking for help, I have been put in a position where I have no choice.  Here's the story and reasons for your help that is needed:


1)  The artist that needs help is no other than yours truly, yes me - White Wolf.


2)  TWO very valuable Fine Art Framed Portrait Original Pastel Paintings were illegally taken/stolen from me this June of 2011.  These two artist/business owned paintings are pictured directly to your right,  (TOP) "Wrangler of Hearts"  and (BOTTOM) "Tough Guy".  Both these works were on loan to the person/persons responsible for their theft.


3)  Both these original works are essential to my art business & art career as sole reference works/client showings as well as promotion of my fine art in general.  I have been devastated by their loss and at present their loss has put a screeching halt to my ability to offer custom portraits to anyone.  As I mention above, I use these two paintings as sole reference paintings to produce any client’s portraits.  I desperately need to have these portraits returned to me if I am going to continue to paint portraits..... period!


4)  These two painting that have been taken from me are also the first two paintings in my current series "Mamas don't let your babies....." (grow up to be cowboys), which also has been hauled because of this theft.  I am not able to consider painting or accepting new client works for this series, or to continue the promotion of this series that I started in 2003.  Many of my scheduled solo shows and exhibitions past/present and now future have been either missed, canceled, or just not able to attend because of this theft.


5)  These continued losses to my art business and art career, both financial & emotional, has put a huge strain on my ability to keep my doors open or for me to paint anything at all.  My joy is gone, my inspiration is gone, my will is gone, and worst of all..... my faith in human honestly, integrity & kindness has been compromised.  If my fine art that has been taken is not returned to me I have made the reluctant decision to close my fine art studio doors permanently.  It will be in my prayers that this will not have to happen.


6)      Circumstances behind the loss of these works have forced me to bring a legal case to the person/persons responsible for their theft and to have my art returned to me.  I am extremely focused towards this recovery and very confident that I will succeed.  I just need some help.



7)      What I am asking for from friends, family, clients or anyone who reads this plea is financial help so that I may achieve and win my legal battle.  Lawyers are very expensive and so are the costs associated with a case of this magnitude.  I can only hope and pray that enough of you good people out there can join me in this fight, no matter how little you are able to give.  Time is also of the essence as I cannot resume painting without the return of this art.  If you are able to help, use the PayPal donate button below to offer your help.


ANY amount will be GREATLY appreciated!!!


AND>  As a huge thank you to all of you good people out there that are able to help donate,  I will be having a drawing to give away TWO artist proof signed & numbered limitied edition prints to one of you wonderful people.  These prints will be a valuable matched number set of the paintings "Untamed" & "Sunspots".   After the money is raised for this legal case, I will announce the winner of the drawing. 

Please check back from time to time and I will post any new development or updates on my progress.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

___White Wolf


Please Help Retrieve White Wolfs Art

Thank you so VERY much!

_____White Wolf







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