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White Wolf

"Since a child, I have made the love and respect for nature my foremost motivation towards a career as an Artist, Poet, Singer & Songwriter. Whether brush, pen, or vocal expressions, I transpose a passion for a natural beauty, drawing upon my own life experiences, and the beautiful State of Minnesota where I live. I combine self taught knowledge with a listening ear to capture the true spirit & natural beauty of my subjects, transposing my artistic passion & Native American Spiritual beliefs into works of meaning, depth & drama.”

“The types of visual art that I create are paintings with subjects that include Wildlife, Nature, Equine, Feline, Canine, Western, Native American and The Human Form with a Specialization in Child Portraiture.  Although my strongest medium is pastel, I also have a passion for painting in watercolor, oil, graphite/charcoal/colored pencil and occasionally acrylic.  I have also worked extensively creating dramatic indoor recreations of nature in the form of sculpted 3-D wall and ceiling murals using a variety of mediums.  Whether brush or pen, the final product that I strive to achieve with each piece of art that I create, is a portrait of nature and life itself, each one unique, genuine and without pretense, each one.......a Celebration of Life.”
Currently, I have several of my fine art pieces available in open edition fine art print form as well as two Limited Edition Lithograph Equine Print works that were professionally reproduced from my original paintings. These prints are now being offered for sale to the public, as well as being donated to charitable organizations that I support. I am available for commissioned portrait work, as well as my consideration to charitable organizations for print donation projects with a specific need involving our environment, our mother earth & her creatures."


“I would consider that the type or types of poetry that I write simply cannot be defined.  There are several parts of my life that I draw from, bringing to light any particular emotion, action or influence to this creative process.  For the most part when a poem or poetry idea pops into my head I’m not even thinking of writing.  I could be working in the garden, overhearing a loved ones words or riding my trusted steed down a woodland trail.  For this reason, I always try to keep a pencil and paper somewhere near, as the thoughts will flee just as quickly as they came if I don’t write them down.  Much of my poetry is transposed into musical creations as songs from the heart as well as written sentiments in cards.  Several of my poetry works have been retained by Wild Wings and well as Hallmark as sentiments on their cards and products.
It is with great honor to offer to you on this site just some of my poetry writings for your reading pleasure.  I do so to help others deal with issues, problems and to inspire.  I believe that through poetry a person can express or make concrete the feelings they have inside, thus letting go those feelings.  When a person can express or write down the pain they are feeling for instance, they can release themselves from that pain, if only for a moment.  Personally, writing the poetry helps me focus, to create, to inspire, to reflect, to thank, and most importantly it helps heal.  Once I have made concrete a thought or idea I can then choose to deal with it (whatever ‘it’ might be) or simply walk away.  Poetry allows me that personal choice for a healthy & happy life, despite what may be going on with my life.  It is my hopes that by reading any of my poems that you may connect with, that you to can own that choice as well.  Own it and make your own. There are a lot of ways to look at any given situation, and it is a beautiful thing when a person can chose the good red road of life for true happiness & emotional health.  It is a freedom, the simplicity of a happy life!”

“Thinking back as a very small child, I cannot remember a time in my life where singing, music and the creation of music was not an important part of my families’ life.  All of us kids sang and played some type of an instrument within our family unit.  From my first drum set, (which was comprised of several of mom’s inverted pots, pans, trash cans & wooden spoons.) right down to my first little guitar.  I can still remember the excitement that Christmas morn when my little brother and I found our first ‘kid sized’ guitars under the tree, and my Dad (who is of Hawaiian decent) teaching both of us to play the “Hawaiian Guitar’. Our little fingers barely reaching across the frets, but that didn’t discourage either of us.  From that magical time in our families lives my interest grew even greater with the purchase of my first real drum set, several percussion instruments and of course the old yard sale organ which didn’t quite work in all keys but made lots of noise!  I began writing music, singing and composing my songs using all the instruments that were at my disposal including my Dad’s vast collection of harmonicas, banjo, and Hawaiian ukulele.  My first song writing memories was a song entitled “chakeetah” (a sappy little puppy song), which I performed at my first grade school talent show.  Other fond memories at a young age involved a clever rendition with Dad’s uke of ‘Tip Toe through the Tulips’ that would have even made Tiny Tim proud.  I was lucky enough to be able to meet Tiny and laugh with him telling him of my attempts at singing/playing  his song at an after concert meeting with Tiny, Mike Pinera (former lead singer of “Iron Butterfly’ &’Blues Image’) and Chuck Negron of ‘Three Dog Night’ in Fargo, North Dakota.  I asked Tiny if he could sing that song to me while dancing with me there behind the stage, and he did.  I still sing ‘Tip Toe through the Tulips” on stage when asked, along with my oldest brother Jimmy, who also has fond memories of Tiny.

Now as an adult my musical interests have turned to music of passion, love, and high energy songs from the rock & pop venues, from which our families group Diamond/s & Steel was born.  The ‘Diamonds’ in our band refer to all the girls in our immediate family, right down to the then littlest toddler, with every one of us obsessed with all things sparkly & Bling.  The Steel in our band would be my husband Jon ‘Steel’, who like the name infers is the rock hard lead singer within the band that holds us all together.  Together Diamonds & Steel create music of not only my generation but generations of past and present.  This collective mix of inspiration is what creates the diversity of our bands songs & venues.  Within the song writing process, I am inspired by several great performing & song writing artists such as Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, Rod Steward, Madonna, and Don Henley, from the 70’s right through the 90’s with inspiring artists such as Alanis Morissette the incredible talents of Brittney Spears, Lady Gaga, The Pussycat Dolls, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Rihanna of today.

The release of Diamonds & Steel’s new album will be announced.  It will be available for download on ITunes and on CD through this website.”

“The first creative spark of my original native music was actually for my own personal use when I was in my studio painting visual works of art. It was soothing and provided a relaxed non-static environment for me to work in.  Strong influence of these medicine songs that I created stems from my Native American & Hawaiian heritage.  Most of this type of music is without words and created for relaxation, meditation and reflection.  The songs are produced from the use of native instruments, percussion and sounds of nature.  I find much beauty within these pure and honest tones, heightening a level of awareness that we as humans sometimes miss.  My greatest inspiration for this type of native music I create is from the people and mother earth herself, with heavy influence from what I call the sounds of Minnesota.  If you stand still and listen, you can hear the call of the wild, from her vast water ways, to her forests winds and her songs of life.  When I hear the loon’s resonating echoes across the waters or the simple joy of a birdsongs love, it always causes me to pause, cherish, and reflect the moment as if it would be my last.  Even the song of cricket is a significant and important part of our circle of life.  This way of life for me is reflected in this native music as well as my visual art, bringing a clearer understanding to my artist’s statement and why I create.

I will be offering these native music CD’s to the public for your own inspiration, relaxation and enjoyment.  Release of this first native album entitled ‘Sounds of Minnesota” will be announced.  It will be available for download on ITunes and on CD through this website.”

"May your foot steps always leave happy tracks in the sand."

_____ White Wolf


Artist's Statement


Hello and Thank you good people for taking the time to glimpse into the world of Artist & Poet.....White Wolf.

"It is the Knowledge that I seek, from within my soul, and to teach others the wisdom I have gained.
To learn from the creatures around us, and the gifts of nature, the respect & delicate balance of this place we call our
Mother Earth.

Cherish it so young ones, as if each day were it's last.
From the greatest of pine to the smallest of grasses,
from the mightiest of beast to the most modest of insect,
no single life..........greater than the other.
Bound together are we, each human, each creature,
and all forms of life as an equal part of our natural earth.
It is a common Spirit in which we must share........
In which we must live........
In which we must die.........that demands our respect.
It is a cycle of life that forms a sphere,
leading each breath, of wind & life,
like a maze of unity to all that is real.

It is this gift that I was given, of Art & Pen,
to share this common spirit with you & you,

to teach....to learn....to grow.
And as we walk this path of light together,
may each day of your lives be blessed
with the love & respect
of all that is good, of all that is real.

May your foot prints always leave,
happy tracks in the sand."

______White Wolf



....."Within every work of art that I create, I strive to capture not only a realistic likeness, but the spirit & true essence of my subjects. This essence is not only unique, but is essential to the subject's character and the glow that surrounds them.  Just as a candle lights a room, so is the beauty of spirit, illuminating the honor within." 


 ___White Wolf






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