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This vast new website is in the stages of development.  All web sites of the artist White Wolf are being combined into this White Wolf Creations Master Website.  Please check back often for exciting new additions & pages.

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"The Beauty of Art & Spirit of Nature"

by artist

White Wolf


From the artist:

"Hello good people.  First of all I wish to thank each and every one of you for taking time out of your busy lives & valuable time schedues to visit my website.  I consider it an honor.  Whether your interest lies within my fine art paintings, prints, custom portraits, original music, poetry or just to kick back and relax within my pages of my personal growth site within this website White Wolf's Den aka: whitewolfsden.com, I am hoping your visit is an enjoyable one. 


I also welcome you to partake in my new blog and be sure to check out the pages of 'Diamonds & Steel' where you will find original DVD's & Music downloads from this up and coming band. 'Diamonds & Steel' covers gentries from Pop to Rock & Roll with a little of everything in-between.  The music created is unique and may be worth your while to check it out, as well as checking out my 'Little Starz' page.  This part of my website highlights the exceptional artistic endeaviors of our youth from all walks of life.  It is incrediable to see such talent from people so young, all of them Little Starz in the Rough!


"Please sign my guestbook if you have the time and/or if you would like to express your visit or how you feel about my work etc.  Your opinions & feedback is very important to me and whenever I can find the time I will contact you back personally to thank you for your input or answer your questions if you which to contact me directly.  My clients, customers and visitors are very important to me."


"I also wanted to let everyone know that this is a brand new site which is an expansion of my old art gallery site of artistwhitewolf.com  It may take me some time to develop all the pages and/or work the bugs out so I am hoping that everyone will bear with me.  I will be offering beautiful fine art prints of most if not all of my past, present & future works which will be a great deal more than the Limited Edition Prints that I currently have available.  Keep in mind that while veiwing some of my pages that they may be image and/or music intensive so you may need to be patient while they load.  I am very excited to be offering all my clients more of what they have been requesting.  It will be a fun adventure for all of us and it is my hopes that your lives will be enriched as much as mine has creating not only the art but this site.  Have fun exploring this web site and please do not hesitate contacting with your input or anything more that you would like to see."


"Thank you again good people, many blessings, and may your footsteps always leave happy tracks in the sand."


____White Wolf

Below you will find a slide show with just some of the fine art original paintings by artist White Wolf.  If you you are interested in purchasing original works or fine art prints, simply follow the navigation links to your upper left.

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The White Wolf Creations website has only just begun!


Being that this site has just been launched, you are only seeing a small part of what the vision of the artist will be offering.  Just some of the pages that the artist is currently working on but not yet published are extensive pages of Poetry, a Blog, artist's other products, Native Music, Little Starz and Big Starz (highlighting the work of other artists), other music including the original music of Diamonds & Steel, and the extensive development of the artist's personal grow site, White Wolf's Den.  This site, originally developed in the late 1990's was built for the sole purpose of enjoyment and relaxation for the viewers.  The artist will now be rejuvenating that original pilot site and will be combining it with the White Wolf Creations master website as a website within a website.  It will filled with beautiful music, photos, inspiration and a whole lot more!   


The artist will make announcements on these planned pages as that are completed and we welcome you to check back often on our progress.


Thank you very much for visiting! 






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